Even Easier Pinto Beans

The churches are always giving away cans of Pinto beans.  They have a TON of them, and most people don’t like them.  Therefore,  I can get cans of these all the time for free.  The people in the building have a ton of them.

Just made some bacon, and some Jalapeno in my old George Foreman grill.  I put them in a saucepan,  along with some leftover hamburger I had,  threw in a dash of powdered chicken bullion, and heated it up.

Boy it turned out really GOOD.  Those things are tasty.   The bullion gives it a salty taste,  the bacon and burger speak for themselves,  and the jalapeno gives it a kick.

The jalapeno,  make sure to roast it.  This softens it, and alters the taste.  Raw or canned jalapeno is not nearly as good as the grilled type.

The canned ones are actually better than the ones I make in the slow cooker, and this economical dish cooks up very fast.   Very “controllable” for a single person,  because you can make them ‘can by can’.

I know.. ho hum, a can o’ beans.  These are right tasty, and often, I would rather have a can of beans sitting here,  watching movies, in comfortable clothes, than eat at a nice restaurant.   These beans I digest very well.  They sure beat a order of french fries,  nutritionally speaking.


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