Cruel Nature

They haul poor Fred off to the hospital.  DANG!  Bambi out there..I am praying for them.  I am always studying my NERD computers..but what good will an Android do if your tire is flat?  If you smoke too much?  If you drink?  Can you shovel snow with it?  Can you heat water with it?

My head is in my nerd computer all the time, how I love to write.  It’s as if I am going to change the world by sitting and thinking.

But life happens, and nature is cruel.

It’s like that.  People all around me have medical conditions, and many are not readily apparent.  They act like they are supermen.  Life is frail,  and precious, but they start fighting anyways!

I go to the VA hospital.. and realize what a insignificant piece of flesh that I REALLY am.  Important?  Heh.  A blip on the screen is our life.


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