My Sister’s Story

My sister had a gall bladder operation in 2005.   During this surgery, a stent was put into who sphincter of ODDI.. a duct that leads to her pancreas.

To make a long story short, they screwed it up…and she had to have subsequent surgeries.  Her pain is intense because juices from her stomach leak down onto her pancreas.   Her pancreas was literally being digested.

She finally had surgery in 2012,  two years ago, to rectify this.  She nearly died.  She was in the ICU for 35 days.  She was on a ventilator from Oct to December of that year.

In the state of Missouri, you have only TWO years to file a malpractice suit.  Missouri being one of the most backward states in the Union.

Please, do not go to Missouri!  It will be a terrible mistake to move here, to even visit here.


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