A, and D, and I’m workin on C

I study 3D programs and Animation.  Boy it is expensive, and still complicated to use.  All just to get a little cartoon out,  just to output something, a story or a description, and idea.   Meanwhile, in the real world, life happens.   The pipes break.  Cars break down.  In America it is the CAR.. people are dependent upon cars, the bus system expensive and slow,  Taxis are VERY expensive, and unreliable.

Taxis and public transportation in America might be some of the worst in the world, in some aspects.

This computer can’t melt the snow and ice,  cure my sister of her illness, nor cure ANY of the people around me of illness.  It can help, though.  I cannot eat it for supper.  The world is more action and activity.   The people I know,  and my family,  well they have a lot of medical problems.   My sister is very ill,  having had pancreatic surgery.   People’s lives are just flying apart, everywhere I look.

I admire a good auto mechanic as much as I do many famous people.   Scotty Kilmer’s Videos on YouTube are some of my favorites. There are people such as Stephen King, who might have no clue about computers,  nor automobiles.  Or Confucius, whose words stand long after many men’s lives have been forgotten.  No one talks about Confucius, LOL.  They don’t have time!

The world seems very primitive, even medieval actually.   We are at the mercy of the weather. We are at the mercy of a lot of things, such as currency fluctuation.   We are even at the mercy of tiny bugs, viruses and bacteria.

I go to Pick N Pull to check out some cars.  Boy- these dudes got things figured out.  You might really get a bargain, but it is rare.  A junk car is now worth $300-$400.  Just sold for scrap    If you can install,  say a transmission yourself, you could get a bargain.   Pick N Pull ain’t giving nothing away.   No one is.  It’s kind of this.. crabs in a barrel world.  The cars they are selling have very large issues.  Bad transmissions, etc.  Bad motors.

Now I am looking up.. “the easy way to install a automatic transmission.”  I ain’t up to the task.  Hmm.  No one has any suggestion.  “Use a transmission jack” but there is no wonderbar invention.   A task not for the faint hearted.

It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round!  That is the point.. that is the thought I have in mind.

“Men argue, but nature acts”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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