The Real, Tactile World

I’m always online studying amazing technology.  Yep.  It’s 3D printers, scanners, this and that.  But there is one problem- the world is quite real, and by golly it is doing what IT wants to do!

The germs fight.  The cold is replaced by heat.  It snows.  Water freezes- exactly when IT wants to freeze.   Even the smallest criticism creates a social tidal wave.  Cars break.  Prices change.  People are mostly,  after that money, at least around here.

The water pipe is old in this building, and choked with scale.  Bugs resist waves of pesticide, and other efforts to get rid of them.

People fight, and whole nations do not forget old scores.   Oh GOD how they fight!  They like to fight more than just about anything.

These bugs don’t give a shit about my computer, nor does the freezing cold.   Self interest is the ONLY interest in about every being,  every THING  in this world.  It is going to do as it damn well pleases, whether you like it, or not.

That water is going to freeze at exactly 32F.  You don’t like it?  Tough luck, buddy.


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