Even the Poor, Curse the Poor

LindaRomero dishes Websize07Linda comes over.. I told her we would make her dinner, and we did.  She had fell,  she had been walking around all day.  She fell at the bus stop and it knocked her out.  I asked her who called the cops, and she said she did not know.

Her eye is infected, she has this sinus infection.   They put this dye in her, gave her a Catscan (I guess that is what it is.)  Then- right back to the street.

This woman is well known around here, and she has a not bad reputation.  But, she gets into a argument because she is late for a meeting at the shelter.  Heh- it would be kind of hard, she is walking around all day freezing her ass.

The people in the shelters often argue- and even fight.  Of course, this is not surprising.   Many of these people are have physical, and mental illness.

They got into SOME kind of beef, and I have seen this happen again and again.  The shelters are very bossy, and there is a tendency to lord it over the destitute,  increasing their humiliation, which is often considerable.

Boozing and drugs got many people into a bad situation.  The thing is, they NEVER get out,  not really.  Substances are like a disease, but people do not even know they have one.  Everybody wants to pounce on a drunk, or dopehead.  Why do people equate drugs or booze with “party”or a “good time”?  They are the kiss of death,  at least to the poor!

Really, it is the same the WORLD OVER.  I just pray for people, and hope they find a bit of luck.  It is like a hobby, but it makes YOU feel good.  The lessons of the world are hard, and unrelenting.

There are other shelters, but my car is still stuck out there.


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