The Tension of Being Poor

People’s lives are filled with tension.  Can’t rock my car out,  probably ‘cos the rear tires are so crappy.  But I am in HOG heaven compared to the many unfortunates you will meet on Independence, Avenue.

People need money for bus fare.  They need EVERYTHING around here.  Some of it is self inflicted- but only some of it.  The world is changing, and it is going to change even more rapidly.   I see people get stopped in their tracks by expenses many people do not even think about.

People are struggling like crabs in a barrel, some of them.  Even the ones that are working meet with financial disasters…little Waterloos, that often define their lives.

These people are not the “chosen ones”. We are the suckers that buy beer, drugs, Marlboro cigarettes will get you a happy life! etc.

Oh yes, they’ve all got the chance to be millionaires.

Technology is rather trickle down.  Most of the people around here have not heard of “bitcoins.”   Many people cannot connect with the rights that are afforded to them.  They lose their I.D. etc.

Right now my stuck car is giving me a fit.  It is not worth a darn on this snow and ice,  I am effectively blocked in, but life is not unpleasant for me, not bad at all.  I have the grocer across the street,  the 7-11 about 400 to 600ft away.  The bus runs up and down the Avenue, and most of all.. I have the MONEY to get on the bus.

I ordered some traction mats, but now I might need some good rear tires, $200 oh drat.

It’s a consciousness,  a way of being.  As in Linda.  She has to have the bus fare to get back to the shelter by 6PM.  She has a trespassing beef, most likely from just hanging around and trying to stay warm.  She must find a way to survive, stay warm, until the shelter opens in the evening.  She does odd jobs, stuff that does not pay much.   She was very pretty, maybe 5 years ago, so she could hustle, but not anymore.  This is not uniquely American either, but the way of the world.

That’s what gets me..the way that people’s lives turn out.   I look at the lives of the famous,  military heroes, historical figures, “the somebodies”  and the people around here.  Most of the people ’round here do not seem to have a dream.  It is survival,  surviving, that is the dream.  People wait for weeks for the smallest deal to turn up for them,  such as a bus pass.

Often, the homeless simply lose things, or get them stolen.  Important documents, without which, they are as helpless as a kitten in modern society.


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