Even more.. WHITE SHIT

Now outside…even more of that WHITE SHIT is coming down.  The road is whited out and my car don’t have a prayer of getting even 3 feet!  Wish I had a 4 X 4, no,  a 6 X6!

Those tires must be very bad. Now.. how to get OUT so I can fix the problem? As usual- should have foresaw this problem before it happened.  I’ve never had a car that was so bad on the snow- never.  It’s got to be the tires.

As Ben Franklin said:  “Experience holds a very dear school- but fools will learn in no other.”

I want to make my own disaster movie.. it will be called. “The White Shit”.  No- a horror movie.. “Doom of the White Curse.”

That’s what happened… the government KNEW I was going to get stuck..but couldn’t tell me, because a panic would ensue…and the Wal Mart would lose money!  Those dirty rats.  (just kidding).

I am watching “The Stand” now on YouTube…how I love YouTube.   When YouTube came out I thought it was just a silly, flash in the pan.  How wrong I was.

When this weather hits, and it gets cold, everything that is about to break, will break.  This fool should have seen it comin.  There are lots of options these days.. see my post below.


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