Traction Devices for Your Car

My car is very bad on the snow.  It’s Rear wheel drive.  So,  I went to the ‘net to find out if I had any options besides new tires, or chains.  The tires are used, sort of wide tires you might expect on a BMW.  They are worthless on ice and snow.

Found this site.  Winter Traction Devices on

Spent all day and night reading the reviews, some of them have a very good reputation!  Most of them are under $100, and some of them are under $40.   Out front, no one is parked on the street because that White STUFF… uggg.  Actually, almost all of them work fairly well.

Immediately went down to Westlake and got four 60lb tubes of sand for the trunk.  I had no weight on the rear axle.  That is another reason the car is a bad on snow.  I just do not drive at all on the snow.

I was trying to rock it out, but the tires were getting absolutely NO grip.  Hope I didn’t ruin my clutch or transmission.  #$#%@  Thank GOD for that one man that stopped and pulled me right out.   However,  I do not want to be in such a situation again.

I am leaning toward the Autosock.  However, most of the time when I get stuck, it is in one place.  I cannot move at all.  Also, you must stop and take them off.  They are pricey also.  They cost almost $100.

NOTE: Many of these devices and methods are not new at all, but they are news to me!

Amazon Guide to Traction Devices.

Ebay Search: Traction Mat.  Lots of products like Portable Tow Truck.

Reviews I have Read

      • AutoSock– just under $100.  GOOD..but you got to take them off on pavement or you’ll tear them up.  That’s the complaint with them.  Pricey- and flimsy.  But they do, indeed work, according to reviews.
      • GoClaws– Ho hum.. pricey.
      • SnoBootz– Mediocre.
      • Portable Tow Truck– works good.  Cheap.  But just for getting out of a situation.  These are portable traction ramps.
      • ShurTrax– a bladder that you fill with water, and it can freeze, putting lots of weight on the drive axle.
      • Traction Mats– same as portable tow truck, cheaper.  Satisfied customers.  Find them on Ebay.. about $35 shipped for two.
      • GoTred– traction mats, reviews are good.   The traction mats almost all have good reviews.  Cheap.
      • Spikes Spider– very expensive.  Difficult to install.
      • Zip Tie Traction  Interesting concept. A long  Zip tie with a cleat molded into it. You need rims where you can stick a zip tie through the spokes.  Reviewed in Popular Mechanics.  Cheap- $20.  Seems clever!  IF you have rims where you can poke the zip tie through.   ( is sold out)
      • Power Grip Liquid Snow chainI am skeptical about this one.  Video it seems to work.  Dunno the price I am just watching YouTube “traction devices” videos now.
      • Using Rope To make Temporary Tire Chain.   FREE and pretty clever, but a little work-O.   Not as much as many of the traction devices like Spke Spider and GoClaws.  This short YouTube Video explains it all.  I like this idea, actually.
      • Cheapest Traction Mats on Ebay- $10 These are only 21″ but they are true traction mats.  Free Shippng.  (just bought these)
      • ECS Textile Snow Chains. A sock like textile gripping device, similar to “AutoSock”  $79-$100 about the same price as Autosock.

I went with a cheap traction mat for getting OUT of the snow. Also, bags of sand. I am going to get some rope, I thought the “Rope Temporary Tire chain” a clever idea.   The ZipTie tire chains are a good idea, but they are out of stock.


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