Oh Ye of Little Faith

Had to get out… been stuck for days in this nasty WHITE SHIT.  Had to get some things at the store.  Well.. Pizza is on sale $5 for a HUGE pizza down at Fast Stop by the old Monkey Wards,  every Friday night.  It’s a phenomenal deal.

Bribed Dave Hart, promised him a pizza.. he was helping me rock out shit you could smell the rubber burnin for a block!

That old  BMW sucks on snow!

THEN.. a guy comes with a 4WD Ford F250 or 150.. fuckin pulls me right out for FREE.   I thought the clouds were gonna part, and a flock of doves would start circling my head!  The church bells were going to ring, and a golden ray of light was going to shine on me.

I couldnt believe it.   I thought it would be the usual GOUGE that is so typical around here.  Old Dave earned himself a nice BIG pizza,  those pizzas are huge.  Got it back to him nice and hot too!


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