More..white shit

The cars are all buried including mine.. more…WHITE SHIT is on the way for Friday.  #&%&!@

I let Linda in, and feed her a hamburger from my George Foreman.   I do not know how long she had been walking around, and the shelter didn’t open until 6PM.  She had a bus ticket clutched in her hand, and kept looking at the expiration time,  5:34.   Maybe she had been riding the bus all day, I have seen people do this.  It is 7F outside,  and below zero with the wind chill.

She stays at Hope and Faith Ministries..thank GOD for these organizations!  Many people would simply be dead without them.  Many people do not have family, or they have deranged familes.  We would have people dead, from very preventative causes without these churches.

We were talking about the time Peaches got stabbed in the throat at the Admiral Hotel.  I was not around, when that happened, thank GOD.   That guy got 3 months, and he cut Peaches badly.  This was many years ago, however.   Peaches showed me the cut behind her ear.

I just had jury duty, but did not get chosen, I didn’t want to get chosen!  I thought it would be something juicy, where I could really be part of this “wonderful process”.   It is “wonderful”  for the judges and lawyers,  who were warming their hands up like sharks at the prospect of suing the city.

In America, everybody is trying to score.  It’s a marketplace, like Wal Mart or K-Mart, not a culture.

The guy did not win his case, a EEOC case.  It is hard to sue people, contrary to what people think, or it seems hard to me.

It was that case where the cops were suing each other.  They don’t catch anyone hardly,  I guess this is why- they are too busy suing each other.   When they do catch someone,  nothing happens anyway.


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