To be Warm in a Winter Snowstorm

It is STILL snowing.. about 14 hours worth, and will continue.  My electric throw keeps me warm.   Made some homemade baked french fries with my Cheapo French fry cutter.  It works GOOD, when you get the hang of it.

The avenue out front is whited out, and people are stuck out there now.  I am praying that the homeless are all inside, they have been given a reprieve.  They boot them out in the morning,  unless tomorrow is special.  Then they must wander around in the freezing cold,  until 6PM.

I once went inside the old City Union Mission to take a shower.  It was appalling in there,  much like the dog pound.  No doors or privacy on the toilets, which were dirty.  Little bitty cakes of soap all around.  It had that stale smell, like a Goodwill or a Salvation army second hand clothing store.

They come around,  I know some of them, but I will only let them inside for a little while.  They are so desperate I’m afraid of them.   Many have diseases, drug habits, or alcohol habits.   They are often quarrelsome, and will not hesitate to bite a hand that feeds them.  It is TRUE that they have made their bed,  but I wish there was help for them.  Just away from ME..that is all.   People- are dangerous.

They need something to help the citizens, not a fucking football stadium.  I stopped watching football years ago.   Now it is obnoxious.  It’s like watching K-Mart vs Wal Mart.


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