Cheap Chinese French Fry Cutter

Northeast Confidential

1Got one of these from Ebay for about $3.  I had it sent from China, so it was the lowest price.  I didn’t see any reviews on the net, so I decided to make one for it.

There are lots of different styles of French Fry makers.  Some work with levers, some are push down jobs.  This one is very simple.  As you can see.. you just push down on the Potato.  4Does it work?  YES.. but you have to use a lot of force to cut through the potato.  It is best to cut the ends flat as in the pictures.  

Notice how the potato is straight,  it can’t be crooked or it will lodge on the side of the potato..just learned this trick.  Actually- the thing works pretty good.

It is better if you snap downward, in one forceful stroke to cut the potato.2  Don’t “ease…

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