The Wonderful World o’ Music

Man it is ALL good.  Now I click on a Youtube.. Joe Satriani with his new band “Chickenfoot”.  (what a name).  He plays with Michael Anthony,  Sammy Hagar, and Chad Smith,  the drummer from Red Hot Chili Peppers.   IT is great.  He really is the greatest of them all.  They really put the “Pedal to the Metal”.    They were great in their own right, now they are great together,  the best rock band I have heard in many years.  They get it right.  Here’s another one, “Sexy Little Thing.”

There’s so much to like, it’s all wonderful!  New Age meditation music,  kids singing in a choir,  Gospel Music,  MoTown.  I like Bachata.. like this song by Aventura,  “La Diabla”

It is like picking up one jewel, then seeing one more brilliant than the next.

But it’s that JOY they are making the noise about.   It is ALL good.   I like these street musicians in Nepal.   They are playing a traditional stringed instrument, sounds sort of like a violin.  Here is another one I found, a guy playing guitar, with Tabla drums, and Nepalese dancers.

Then there’s the Buscars,  street musicians worldwide you can find on this guy, playing in Wellington, New Zealand.

Often, I like very simple music.  My nephew Austin one time, he was singing.. “Here we go loopdy loo,  here we go loopdy li… ”  sounds good to me.

The JOY in the world.. that is what it is about.  Music, it seems ALL good.


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