Everyday PAIN

I go to get a hamburger and fries, the “special”.  I noticed the bandage on the cook’s hand.  While cleaning the deep fryer, she had plunged her hand into hot oil.  Poor Fred is just staggering around after his stay in the hospital.

When they are not sick or injured, they are fighting and arguing.  People fight ALL the time in the USA, it is almost constant.

I go to the V.A. and have my hearing checked, I have Tinnitus.  My ears ring constantly,  a high pitched sound, like a electronic squeal.   BUT..my ears are GOOD!  I talk to the Audiologist, and many people have tinnitus.  Even the Audiologist,  SHE has tinnitus.

The guy downstairs is working full time, but he don’t got enough food.  I gave him some Ramen noodles and bread.   People ask me for food many times around here.  This poor guy can barely hear.  He is grieving because he lost Margaret, his wife.   His life is like- SURVIVAL.   He is a big  Royals and Chiefs fan.

Last night, a couple is trying to get in the building.  It was very cold 20F degrees.  Dunno if it was some sort of fight, or they were just trying to get out of the cold.  Sometimes this happens.  They are prostitutes or destitutes,  trying to get in.  I don’t go down there,  afraid to get jumped.  The street people will often “jump” one another.. beat each other up, and sometimes badly.. for only a few dollars.

You have to be selfish, and pursue your goals.  If you allow yourself to think about it,  you’ll be sobbing until all of the towels in your house are wet!

It is fun watching the sports players, but I would rather listen to music.

I love listening to music, and I am so grateful to have ears to hear it.  Music, it is like the Angel that is deep inside of man.


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