The People who add JOY to the World

I was looking up some 4 Tops songs on YouTube..and came across this band.  Human Nature. Rare indeed are people like this.  I keep my head buried in my computer.  All the people around here have SOME medical  condition, and many are serious.

Then, there is the crime, tears, arguments and soul destroying experiences.

BUT some people..they add to the JOY in this world.

These dudes,  Australian guys, do almost all MoTown songs, and they are great.   They perform like The Four Tops,  The Spinners, with a dance routine.

How I wish they would do this one.. ‘Living just a little’ by the Spinners. I wish they’d do ‘Duke of Earl’, by Gene Chandler.

My brother likes this woman, the late Eva Cassidy.   She’s great.  Here she is doing ‘People get Ready.’

It’s all Art.. Human Nature uses their dance routine along with tight harmony,  re making the great Motown songs.   Smokey Robinson and Mary Wilson have sang with them,  and it’s the Joy of the songs that comes across, with a wonderful, simple theme to the music.

It’s like.. we’re here on earth, why not have a cherry on top?  Great stuff.


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