The Goals of the Poor

The guy downstairs comes up.  Someone has been rummaging around in the trash, which he handles for the Landlord.  He’s the groundskeeper.  He is waiting and waiting for Social Security, after his poor wife died.  His wife died after just recieving her social security..and she deserved it, after waiting over a YEAR to get it!

Many people are too DUMB to get Social Security.  It takes a lawyer to figure out all that shit.   Then, you got to contact your politicians to get something done.   It’s like a emotional intelligence, a belief system.   They see themselves as victims, but undeserving victims.  It’s kind of like this- continuous depression.

The rich want the poor scrutinized down to their DNA, but scream to high heaven when THEY get asked a single question about their money.   AND they have the Lawyers to do it!

“I’ll judge you all and make damn sure, no one judges me.” – Jethro Tull.

The lady downstairs needs some eggs.  I have two but won’t give them to her ‘cos I need them to make some pumpkin pie I had been planning on, so she is all hacked off.

There are many people running around here, trying to just get something to sink their teeth into.

Android?  Kinect?  3D programs? Who’s got a use for them around here?  Many people cannot figure out their phones, or navigate around a Windows program.  I am a exception I guess.  I’m a NERD from the get go!  The Library was my favorite place as a child,  but I am still far behind many people.  I speak Spanish, but no where near a fluent level.  On a “pidgin” level is my Spanish.

A big fuckin’ Hammer and a pound of hamburger go over big in these parts.

No one seems to like the stuff that I do!  I love my electric throw, and it has served me well this winter.. LOVE that THING!  Love my Nerd computers, and search the Internet,  it’s like finding these jewels.   Simple, household things are what I look for most of the time.   I want to make my own salsa, for instance.

Drugs or beer?  YUK!   There is nothin’ better than a good shot o’ milk.. LOVE IT.


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