Norman Borlaug

He saved the world, only no one knows about it.  Many of the finest people who ever walked this earth are unknown.  Here is his Wikipedia entry.

No, he didn’t beat anybody up.  No, he didn’t outfox anyone.  He didn’t outjump anyone.  He’s not very entertaining at all to listen to.  BUT.. our world would be far worse off if he had not lived,  if his life had not taken the course that it did.

Compare this man to most modern day “heroes.”

Self interest about the ONLY interest, and one can never be certain what lurks in most people’s souls.  It is kind of this..thrill seeking.  Poverty is a sure trial.  It will bring out the worst in people.  I love James Allen’s quote:

“Long had the criminal thought been secretly fostered in the heart, and in the hour of opportunity,  it revealed it’s gathered power.” 

That kid down at the Price Chopper took another man’s life, and I would bet it was over almost nothing,  or less than $100.   I see such things occur in people’s lives all around me.

Maybe this is not the exact quote, but what a concise one it is.  I love the  quotes of Confucius and other great philosophers.  Their thoughts have survived for thousands of years.  In one, maybe two, elegant yet powerful  sentences, they reveal the profound.


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