Kinect- not just a Toy for Xbox

I have been studying Kinect hacks. At first, I did not know what a ‘Kinect’ WAS. I do not use Xbox, but use a desktop most of the time.  They are a sensing device,  I still do not quite understand how they work, but they measure depth, like a radar or sonar.

People are using them to make things in 3D programs, and already more types of these devices are coming out.   Looks like a real breakthrough.  I was originally searching for ways to make cartoons, to go with my songs which I would post to YouTube.

Kinect can also be used to import new motions.  CrazyTalk Animator and/or iClone has a plug in for this.  The iClone software is about $500-$600.

DAZ 4.6 (free) will import from a Kinect,  but the solutions I have seen use $300 worth of software.

On these “free” softwares you have to comb the fine print for penalties you have to pay if you use the scanned items for any games, or other programs that make money.

I keep finding out- it is not quite cheap.  Not yet.  Small items are difficult to scan.  There are people who have solved this problem- but it wasn’t cheap.

I use MuLab, and a YouRock guitarIn addition, I want to make my own cartoons and put them up there.  The world of electronic devices is truly dazzling.  BUT.. they are still not the be all, the end all.

We could not reconstruct the simplest mongrel and give life to it,  with all the computers in the world.  I do not think they could even make a paramecium.

So it’s still the RealHuman world of cold, illness, accident, food, life, good, and bad deeds.  Then political and social hassles.  Envy, greed, pride, sloth, lust, gluttony, and wrath.

I love meditation tapes.  I love Kelly Howell’s guided meditation just as good as anything, and language translates activity and events.

Language is merely a pointer, a marker,  to multi dimensional events.


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