The Ambulance is out there Again

That Ambulance is out there again.  I am reminded of Stephen King’s Monkey..Monkey stephen king cymbal-monkey_large (Custom)  It is a story about a mechanical monkey that starts clanging it’s cymbals on it’s own.  Each time this happens, someone dies.   I do not remember the whole story, but this reminds me of life.   The cold spell at this time is taking it’s toll on the apartment dwellers in this building.  The poor people are often sick.  It is because of poor habits- among other things.  This building has double pane windows the landlord installed, and it is comfy, except for the draft on the french doors.

I went over to Abarrotes Mi Familia and got some stuff to make Chile Americano with,  Chile con carne.   I used Lawry’s seasoning, and I can tell you now,  I like the Williams seasoning better.

You get adventure, whether you like it, or not. 

The Ambulance and fire trucks are out there quite often in these buildings.  I do not ask what the problems were.  I hope people are O.K.    It was -7 F today,  and this is very cold for this area of the country.  I cannot imagine what it will be like up North,  where it is supposed to be 50 BELOW zero.  I have never seen it this cold in my life.


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