Hope 2014 is Better

Hope 2014 is better!  The year 2013 was yet another year of selfishness.    The poor getting hammered,  everyone getting hammered!  The poor oblige the rich, by nailing one another, never letting up on one another.  Who is hard on the poor?  The poor are!  It is a relief to many of them when they land up in jail.  At least there is some safety in there.

Corporations,  and the legal system just stacked against the poor.

A bunch of slaughters worldwide.. and people always act as if they were surprised.   BUT.. the world has seen far worse.

This time in History is not so Bad

This world has changed hands MANY times, in only 4,000 years or so of recorded history.  There were the Romans, the Mongols, the Bulgarian Empire, the Turks, the Moors, the Franks,  the Spanish Empire,  The Egyptian Empire,  The Greeks, Macedonians,  the Persians,   World War I and II,  numerous European conflicts, the 100 Years War.  The Khymer Empire.   The Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, and Omecs.   There were the Hyksos,  the Hittites, and the Assyrians.  Almost every race was enslaved at one time or another.   In the Bible it tells of whole states that were wiped out, down to the last woman and child.

Here is the Wikipedia list of Empires.  Empires I never even heard of, and I am only wondering at how many times things have changed around.  In addition to this,  there were many tribes that rose and fell.  The Celts, the Magyars, the Vandals,  the Goths,  the Iroquois, the Seneca, the Apache, the Cheyenne, the Sioux.

Here is the Wikipedia list of Famines.  Quite a scary list.  Entire populations have been decimated,  such as the Maya.   No one really knows what happened to the Maya.   Famines took place in China,  Finland, Russia, Egypt and just about everywhere.  Millions of people were wiped out.   Look at the list.  The Four Famines of 1810, 1811, 1846, and 1849 in China killed 45 million people.   In history it goes on and on.  5 million.  1 million.   Finland lost 1/3 of it’s population.   The Russian famines were particularly severe,  with widespread cannibalism during Ukraine’s  Holodomor Famine of 1932-1933. Actually, if you Google “cannibalism during famines” you might be astonished at the grisly truth.

Here is the Wikipedia list of Natural Disasters. How would you like to get killed in a earthquake or struck by lightening, eh?  Or get killed by a limnic eruption?  When the fucking lake explodes with CO2 gas and suffocates ye.

Here is the Wikipedia List of Epidemics. This one is eye-opening. The population (meaning people like us), has been reduced by 90% not once, but at least twice.

The thing is, ALL of this happened, in only 4,000 years or less, when there was recorded history.  Compared to the age of the earth, this is no time at all!

Then there is the ongoing,  “selfish” epidemic.  No cure for selfishness has been found,  and it is still the curse of mankind.

I wonder what happened to the “cave” men in the 50,000 years or so before recorded history?  I watched “Clan of the Cave Bear”,  and “Quest for Fire.”  These films started these speculation.

Yet a miracle happened in 2013.. and what is left of my family,  staggered through.  Some people I knew didn’t make it, and boy I need a hundred GOLD MEDALS to pass around,  just for the privations I have seen people live through.

Still- it ain’t the worst!  It is not nearly as bad as it COULD be.   That heat is ON!  The water is hot.  I am eating smoked turkey wings, that other people don’t like.   I got the phone on.  I  can use the internet, and I email my family and encourage, and try to help them.  It ain’t bad at all!

This year I am gonna pray.. and keep on praying!


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