Why Northeast is NOT that bad

Everyone gasps when you mention this place.  Independence Avenue?  Oh nooooooo.  BUT-

There are grocery stores all up and down Independence Avenue.  You can easily live here in these apartments, and would not need a car at all.

There are TWO Aldis.. one at each end of Independence Avenue.  There are THREE Family Dollars.  This is within about 3 miles in a straight line.  I use the small Mexican grocer, but there is a Price Chopper,  there is the Mi Mercado, which is a large Mexican-American grocer, complete with a taqueria.  I lose count of the small Mexican restaurants.  There are TWO McDonald’s.   One on Hardesty, one on Prospect.  There’s a Church’s Chicken, and a KFC in easy distance.    There are so many Convenience stores that I can’t count them offhand.  A BP, a FAST STOP,  two 7-11’s.  There are two Subways, one at each end of the Avenue.

There are many churches in Northeast.

Independence Avenue is the hot spot of everyday commerce.  The other streets,  such as Truman,  St. John,  9th Street, 12th Street, 23rd Street do not compare.

The Independence Avenue bus goes STRAIGHT up and down the Avenue, so all these are in easy access.   There’s Ace Hardware.   There’s two banks.  Insurance Offices, etc.   ALL far more convenient than most suburbs.


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