The Lives of the Mongrels

Health is the biggest issue.  Much of the time,  this has to do with habit more than cure.  The old saying.. “a ounce of prevention,  beats a pound of cure.”  A person can see proven any day.  Sometimes, I think it is just FATE,  random physical and genetic events.

Once you get to know people,  you learn about their ailments and it is frightening.    Many people are diabetic.  My sister’s pancreatic surgery was hair raising.   Others were injured in accidents.  Some people have problems specific to IV drug abuse.  There are people around here born to mothers that had Hepatitis C, and inherited the disease.

“How far is the fall.”- KC.  Some people have REALLY fallen from grace.  They had good jobs.  Many had health disasters, or hidden disasters, such as the Mortgage crisis.  People had ARM (adjustable rate mortgages) and got screwed when their house payment went through the roof.  Then there are drugs, and drinking.   People get themselves hurt, or even killed, with this stuff all the time around here.

Man- the tribes in the Amazon seem healthier than people around here.

I love the Christmas music and find it moving to my very core.   I pray for other people,  even people that I dislike or have annoyed me or angered me.  They NEED the prayer.   Perhaps they do not pray for themselves, so I will do it for them.

Humility I learn again and again.  I see the world only in my own view, which is very limited.   I see the scars of others, and am frightened to the bone.

“The scars of others, should teach us caution.” – St. Jerome

Only a few people seem to achieve, what they can be in this world.   To a achieve a grace, and a magnificence.   People like Peyton Manning,  musicians like Paul Rodgers.  Philosophers such as Confucius.  Like Julio Iglesias.


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