The Sweet Mercy of Christmas

My cup runneth over.   KC loads me up on the ham, turkey, cookies, chili, oranges and in big quantities.  I am baking some pecan it.  I am turning that ham carcass into some bomb ham salad.  I love the Christmas carols on YouTube.  I like Orla Fallon,  Blackmore’s Night,  David Archuleta.   There are SO many others!  Beckah Shae does a great rendition of “Angels We have Heard on High.” LOVE IT.  Merry Christmas.  There is Julio Iglesias doing “Song of Joy.”  It’s the best song I ever heard him do.

The Christmas story chokes me up.  How sweet it is to be warm, have hot water,  have the gas and electricity on!

Love Blackmore’s Night Christmas carols.  I like ‘Ding dong Merrily on High’, ‘Good King Wenceslas’, and ‘Mar O Tzur’.    My favorite is ‘Angels We Have Heard on High.’   Blackmore’s Night does not do this one, but David Archuleta does, and many others.  LOVE IT!

Two years ago I was with my sister, as she fought for her life on a ventilator.   Poor KC got her shoulder all messed up.   In short a year of anxiety,  illness,  fear, argument, and sometimes violence.

My sister still with me this Christmas.   It is a miracle,  that anything exists at all.

Poor Fred out of the hospital, had problems with his heart, AGAIN.

If we realized, what a miracle it is,  just to be on this earth.. our mind would snap in a second.

‘ .. and all the bells on earth shall ring, on Christmas day in the morning.’

Christmas- it is better than the NFL..better than whisky…better than a Tbone steak….better than ANYTHING.  It is a time of realization.

How I love the themes of Christmas.  Hope,  Forgiveness,  Faith, and most of all Salvation.

I like Christmas music,  and sometimes think that music,  is the greatest thing there is!  The songs at Christmas are some of the finest, most beautiful ever made.   To be able to hear the music.   Many people are deaf,  or going deaf,  such as the man down below me.    What an awesome thing the world is.   Sometimes terrifying,  humbling,  and sometimes brilliant and thrilling.


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