At a Soup Kitchen

Last week I went to a church to eat,  since I am so low on money.  I have done this a couple of times,  I thought this church was going to be good.

If you think you can eat like a king for free- you have made a big mistake.  One place had canned chicken noodle soup and stale bread.  This place had some stale rolls,  some weak coffee,  and this .. uggg stuff for food.   These really old and bad canned refried beans.  Some spaghetti noodles coated with ‘something’.   Cold.  Some discarda, which is hot dogs and a little hamburger.  It had some onion and jalapeno mixed in.  In short, it is pretty yuk.

Actually,  I think soup kitchens could do better.  Dried pintos are cheap, and with some bullion and jalapeno- you can make a tasty pot o’ beans.   Mostly they serve casseroles thrown together from cans.   There are many children who eat at these soup kitchens.

Bread is not that hard to make,  I posted a article about this “no knead” bread that I discovered on the internet.   It’s in the “Cheap food” section.  It is better than bread machines make.  It’s quite easy.   With honey added, or other sweetener, this bread is heavy and tasty.  Mine was very moist.  VERY heavy.

Day after day in Northeast, people exist on soup kitchen meals. For years I have seen the same people,  in the same “nowhere” circumstance.  They remind me of these kind of stunned fish.

The preacher made a sermon, but the poor souls in there were cold and sort of nodding off.  It was something along the lines of  “the faith of Jonah.”   The people were sort of cheerful, though.

It really annoys me that people say the “bums live like kings.”   Even in this cold weather,  there are people sleeping out of doors, bundled up.

They constantly face danger- from one another.  The store owners hate them like stray cats- and many cannot go into stores,  because they have shoplifted,  panhandled and annoyed the customers.  Many have untreated illness.

Some of them have the ‘drug and alcohol disease.’   The reason for the circumstances of others is not known to me.


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