$19.99 Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw

I wanted a electric blanket, and am tight on money.  I went to the Wally Mart, rather than order one online,  because it is so cold out.

I only needed TWIN size.  They had all Sunbeam products,  I did not notice any other brand of electric blanket there.

They had the MicroPlush throws for $29,  and Twin electric blankets for $29.

The cheapest ones were the Sunbeam Fleece throws, with 3 heat settings for $19.99.  I decided to roll the dice, and get this model.  They had two types, a spiffy Zebra stripe, and a Maroon one.  I chose the Maroon.

It works good!  This blanket does not get super hot, but it is MORE than adequate.  I used it last night on my bed and had to turn it to low, and then to off, and I am a heat freak.  I used it with a cheap, 2 prong extension cord.

Used as a throw,  in the front room, I use the HIGH setting.  This front room is drafty.  The throw is  plenty warm.

On the bed, you only need the LOW setting.  I used HIGH at first, then MEDIUM, then LOW, then OFF.   Plenty o’ heat!

I am 6’1″ and the throw is large enough for me.  I use it underneath a heavy blanket, with a sheet on top of me.

These throws have a reputation for being flimsy.  The other electric throws and blankets I have used never lasted,  so I can’t give it 5 stars, but it certainly does the job.


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