Mi Mercado ‘Store Made Salsa’

I go to Mi Mercado, ‘cos I am out of Microwave popcorn.  I hardly go down there anymore, because I get such good deals at Abarrotes Mi Familia.  I hardly check the sales at all the grocers anymore.   The little store always has SOMETHING on sale,  and it is very competitive,  even with Aldi and Sav A Lot.

Aldi and Sav A Lot DO have cheaper milk.  But often,  I will go over to Abarrote and they will have 1/2 price gallons of milk.   This milk is usually due to expire very soon,  but what the heck!  I have NEVER had a gallon go bad on me.  Sometimes,  they have to dump the milk,  and they GIVE it away!

Tonight I wanted that microwave popcorn,  and also their Coke is a little cheaper.  I went to Mi Mercado.

At their the meat counter and they had this great salsa!  It is simply called “Store Made Salsa” but it is MUCH better than what the Taquerias serve, it is MUCH better than the stuff that is canned or sold in a bottle.  Abarottes Mi Familia has lots of different types of salsa,  but none are as good as this.

I rate this salsa VERY good, as good as salsas you can find in Mexico.

Mi Mercado has a lot of different types of “Cremas”.   These are Latino Sour Creams.    “Crema de Salvadorena” I bought a little of this.  It is mildly sour, but it is not quite sour cream.  It is very good, and is my favorite.  I am very curious about these.  They sell these in bulk,  they ladle it into a container for you.  There are many different types;  “Crema Hondurano” ..”Crema Guatemala”, etc.

Mi Mercado is NOT “wiping out” Abarrotes Mi Familia,  at least, in my mind.  The sales at Mi Mercado are not nearly as good as Sav A Lot,  Aldi or Price Chopper.  (I hardly ever go to Price Chopper).

Sav A Lot has sales on T Bones,  unbelievably cheap at sometimes $3.99lb!  BUT.. that T bone is super, and I mean SUPER tough!  You’ll loosen a tooth on it, and I am not joking.

Tonight,  Abarrotes Mi Familia had Chicken breast skinless/boneless on sale for $1.49, for instance.

Mi Mercado has a much bigger, wider selection than the little stores, but it’s not as wide as Price Chopper.   That being said,  that salsa is great!  I am eating some now with tostados from the $1 aisle.  Tasty stuff.

Update:  Just tried some of the “Crema Salvadora” on a couple spuds I nuked.  Very good!  It is similar to Sour cream but much smoother, with much less bite to it.  These grocers really brighten up my day- and my tummy!  They add a very welcome variety of tastes.


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