Pork Cushion- Maciza de Puerco

Pork Cushion was on sale at  Abbarotes Mi Familia.  A long time back I wrote a post on making this with the George Foreman grill,  so I decided to do it again.  The Mexicans call this Maciza de Puerco, which translates into .. pork cushion probably.   It is very lean,  much leaner than say,  Boston Butt.

This cut of meat is often on sale,  it was $1.69lb which is cheap for American prices.  I bought 2lbs, (or 1kg),  thinking I was going to roast it, but got pressed for time.  So I just sliced some of it up and threw it on my George Foreman grill with spices and BBQ sauce,  after I pounded it a few strokes with the meat hammer.

It is surprisingly tender.   It’s about like pork roast when made this way!  I keep thinking it will be tough, but it is not.

I cook it about 7 minutes, basting it with BBQ sauce.  I always use a thermometer on it,  this one was about 179F when I finished.  It turns out very well, and there is little fat on this cut of meat.  Very good, for a very low price.


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