REALLY Crispy Oven Bake Fries

I used this recipe,  Best Baked French Fries, from All  Well, it worked pretty good!  The recipe calls for putting sugar on the potatoes and letting them sit for 30 minutes.

The sugar, that’s the secret.  The sugar will make the starch come out of the potatoes in a liquid form.  Then, drain the liquid off and dry the fries with a paper towel.

The fries turn out crispy, almost TOO crispy!  I cut these thin, and let them cook for 30 minutes without turning them.  They were so crispy that they crunched when I bit into them.  They weren’t limp, but rigid. I think I overcooked them a bit.

You do not need to turn them.  I used a round pizza pan, and covered it with Aluminum foil.   I smeared it with vegetable oil.  I oiled up that foil really good, but still they wanted to stick.  I got them up with my fingernail, no problem.  They were done on both sides.

My fries were thin, and wide.  About as wide as egg noodles.  They were very crisp.   I used a Kitchen Mandolin to slice the potatoes into ovals, then sliced the ovals into french fry strips.  They were about 1/4″ thick and 3/4″ wide.  I used white russet, a very common potato in America.   They are sitting well on my stomach, and were not greasy.  Very good, and cheap to make, but time consuming.    I will make these again.   They are  very tasty, and compete with the best french fries.  Not much grease, either.

I am gonna look around for a cheapo french fry maker, just to make these.  They are very economical to make,  cheaper than frozen french fries.

fries A little overdone, at try I will cook em about 25min or so.

I even ordered a $2 Chinese french fry cutter.  EH.. I hope it will work.  Because I am on the cheap.

Shown with Ketchup, the USA way to serve fried potatoes, chips, or whatever they are called according to your geographic location.


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