To get RID o’ Bugs

SK cleans the daylights out of the kitchen.  Washes the walls with bleach, the cabinets,  the floor mopped and scrubbed.   Well- the roaches disappear!

The landlord and I have sprayed about every kind of bug juice and powder that is on the market in this place!  We have used Invict,  Demon,  boric acid, boric acid pills,  Diatomaceous earth.  NOTHING will kill them things!  Bay leaves, Citrus, over and over again.

I am more worried about these bugs than who is winning in the NFL.  Worried about my sister,  worried about my brothers.

You got to keep the dishes done, which I HATE to do.

Since roaches will eat almost anything, it does not seem that it would make a difference, but it does.   They will eat paint, glue, and whatever they can find.


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