Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson.  I like the things she advocates, love her talks.   All she does is point out things about life, and sensible attitudes.  Makes money off of it too, and good for her! Life is full of the soul destroying,  every single day.

It is the health problems that are staggering.  Bad habits.  Crime.  Emotional and Spiritual mistakes.  I like to read and listen to her,  and other spiritualist teachers.

People I meet are always pushing, dealing with, some staggering burden that they must face alone.  Often, the burden is themselves, and their own attitudes and poor strategies.

Why have wars?  People are their own worst enemies.  You could not BE a worse enemy than people can be to themselves.

To be grateful, so grateful, for the peace you find everyday!  The warmth from the furnace, and that Thanksgiving meal!  Everyone always sorts people  into “those people”, and he or she is this, that, or the other.  There are many unseen people that you can thank God for.


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