One thing about the USA- Everyone Eats

Boy what a good Thanksgiving!  A nice big Turkey at my sisters, with a plenty of leftovers.  Made some great pecan and sweet potato pie, and the price was right,  using Sav A Lot refrigerated dough.  Not the frozen whole pie shells, but crusts that come out flat like a pizza, then drop ’em in the pan.

Yams were on sale,  Pecans were reasonable, and I made some great pies for very cheap,  mashed potatoes (which are the best part),  and some Heinz jarred gravy, that is good gravy!  Great soft rolls, corn on the cob..soda pop and coffee.

Went to my sister’s..she made a great turkey.  She’s recovering from pancreatic surgery last year.  Most of the family is bunged up.  There is so MUCH illness and misadventure in the world!    People keep at it, they work like these ants.

My cup runneth over.  Left a local girl at my house, ‘cos it was cold outside, and miracle of miracles.. she really cleaned the place up!  Did the dishes,  cleaned up the back room.  Er.. my housecleaning leaves much to be desired.  I am used to living in the cab of a truck.  I am a pig when it comes to housework.  All my furniture is hand me downs I got for free or next to nothing.  I HATE furniture, really.    I do not crave fancy furniture.  I crave nice hot water, and a warm furnace, or cold air as needed.

Anyways, she cleaned the place up good.  It’s hard to trust.   With the starving cats around here, you never know when you’ll get ripped off.  She did the dishes, emptied every cabinet and washed again my “clean” dishes.    I fixed a old computer up in the back room,  hooked it to my router, and now she can do her school work.

In this crazy day and age.. whether to TRUST is always the big question.  I am very fortunate,  have very much to be thankful for!


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