From Trauma to Trauma

From Trauma to Trauma.  That is the way of the ‘hood.  I am sequestered, got that gas on, got the electricity on!  Meanwhile, trauma and drama!

HEALTH is always the #1 issue.  No one is starving to death, but they pick up fines, there are fights,  and huge health care issues.  The poor drop through the cracks, and can’t even get service at Truman Medical center.   They counter their depression with alcohol and drugs.. like pouring gasoline onto a fire!

Northeast is NOT as bad as Baltimore (as it was depicted on ‘The Wire’.)   At least, not that I know of!  Alcoholics and drug addicts get quickly sorted out, at least, usually.

Northeast is full of bums and beggars, but they are NOT rich!  They DO have problems, and huge ones.  Cancer.   Family problems.  The families are like crabs in a barrel.   People are always looking for resources.  Transport, food, medical care AND drugs!   I hate it when they fight.  Usually it is one poor sod fighting the other poor sod.. and they both have huge problems.


One thought on “From Trauma to Trauma

  1. There are a lot of people that Truman Medical Center don’t help. I know several. Truman could care less about anyone. Poor or not. They have no time to care or show any compassion or concern for a human.


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