To Blog, or Not to Blog

To blog, or not to blog.  People get pissed off at me.   Who KNOWS what can happen?  Maybe some serial killer will see my blog, and decide to saw me into bits.    I am not a “crusading journalist”, but a very ordinary person.   However, what happens around me is often wonderful and extraordinary,  sometimes scary, and sometimes ugly.

The reason I write this blog?  Is that somewhere, sometime,  people will be noticed.  Their struggles and their joys will be noticed.  It is not so bad.  Not at all!  There are unfortunate situations around me, but compared to some of the extreme situations that have happened on this earth, and the ones that are happening now,  it is actually nice.

This is a poor area of the United States, but there are far worse places to be, even in the United States.  There is lots of housing available in Northeast.  In some places in the USA, you cannot find housing at almost any price.

The crime has gone down lately.  Crime follows the people that are doing crime.   It knows no geographic, ethnic, or economic class.  It has been right peaceful around here.


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