Bob Dylan didn’t need an Android

The past couple nights, I have been listening to and watching Bob Dylan, The Byrds,  Roger McGuinn and his 12 string Rickenbacker, and many others.  They sound wonderful.

They did NOT have Androids.

Bob Dylan could not sing, and he could not play.  BUT.. he shook the world like few people did.

Roger McGuinn’s 12 string sounds wonderful,..and he had no gadgets attached to his guitar rig (that I know of).  He can hold a tune,  he’s not particularly a great singer, but he sounds good, I like his singing.  He had his ONE Guitar, the 12 string Rickenbacker,  I’ve never seen him play any other guitar.  The Byrds loved to play Bob Dylan’s songs, and some of his others, like the ones on “Easy Rider” were great.    They sound great to this day.

All of the hottest musicians of the day, and to this day,  played Bob Dylan’s songs. I don’t know where he wrote them down,  in a notebook he had,  I guess.

“You’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times, they are a’ changing.”

“I had a destiny.” – Bob Dylan.


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