My Best Ever Pot of Pinto Beans

I made a pot of Pintos using this recipe at Allrecipes.  This was the base recipe.  I modified it to this:

  • 1lb pinto beans.
  • 1 jalapeno, stem snapped off.
  • Pieces of cut up lunch ham.
  • 6 cups water.
  • 2 bay leaves.
  • 3 dashes celery seed
  • dash oregano.
  • dash of cumin.
  • 1 cube cilantro bullion.
  • 1 cube garlic bullion.
  • 2 cubes chicken bullion.
  • Dash pork seasoning from Tikka House.
  • NO SALT! It will toughen up the beans.

I added all this in at once, then cooked on low 7 hours, then on high.  It seems better to cook the beans on high for a short period, say 4 hours.  Boy it was the bomb.  The celery seed and bay leaf really were different.  They DO add a surprising amount of flavor,  and they are very harmonious.    I like the taste of celery in soups and stews.  It is a sort of “savory” taste.   The Cilantro and Jalapeno gave it a spicy aspect that I really like.  It tingles on your tongue and in your mouth.

ONE Jalapeno is plenty.  Two is too much,  I found that out.  At least, to my taste.  This was by far the best pot of pintos that I have ever made.  A meal in itself.  When it is done cooking,  I take out a bowl of beans and mash it up, then return it to the pot to make it more creamy.  I took the bay leaves out when I was finished.   I mix it up and shred the cooked jalapeno at the end to get it mixed in good.

The pork seasoning gave it a earthy tone.   The taste of these beans are spicy, earthy, and savory.  Lots better than my more plain pots of beans.  They are good, all by themselves with some tortillas.

This batch of beans was head and shoulders better than anything I get at restaurants, or from a can.  I mean WAY better.

Don’t have flour tortillas, but some corn tortillas.  I just hold them over the stove burner with a spatula, about 5 seconds per side, they get soft,  and they are plenty good.

Update:  Made them again, using this exact same recipe.  Those things are good,  and seem much more healthy than my regular “American” diet.  They digest well.   They are quite tasty,  and I am still not tired of them.


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