The Troubles of Poor People

The troubles of the poor.   I could write a novel, like William Faulkner about the decadence and troubles of the poor people.   I could write about the land mines that people hit.   The USA is not the worst, thank God.  It is far worse in many areas of the world.

I go to the VA  to see about housing for the Vets and disabled.  They have a good program and the room is filled with homeless Vets, who are far worse off than me.  The homeless Vets used to sneak into the VA hospital all the time, get lost in the corridors, and crash out someplace.

The program is a good one,  and I hope that the people get squared away, but I am too busy trying to keep my SELF squared away.  The Section 8 housing, you might as well kiss goodbye,  people wait for years in this area for Section 8.

People live in camps *somewhere* around here.   They’re camping out under bridges and stuff.

I do not know what the answer is to all these problems, I am struggling to cope with my own.   I pray a lot, and use meditation tapes to soothe my anxiety,  which is often considerable.


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