What Crackheads can Do

I saw this today in the news:   Ga. man gets life sentence in beating deaths of 8. This shows what crack can really do. This shit just RUINS people around here.  How it RUINS people!

Even without the vices, people have tremendous problems.   The more well heeled family members have health catastrophes, and accidents befall them.  No one thinks it is going to be THEM.  Even the most vulnerable people I have encountered seem to think they are supermen,  their youth and health stretching out endlessly.

Sometimes, they will rehab off, but they seem to always go back.  I think the stints in jail are the healthiest times of their lives, despite the poor diet.

I do not see how they get by, how they mask it for long.   You cannot tell by looking at them.  It’s where the MONEY goes, and the gradual physical deterioration.  They have to have the money to buy that stuff.  Many people around me are masking this habit.  They hustle like crazy to get that shit.  BLIMEY!

Every once in a while, someone gets murdered because someone thinks they have a big stash of drugs in their house.  In Independence, they killed a retired police dispatcher, a woman, because they thought she had dope.  These three skull-brains, decided they were gonna commit the perfect crime.

On the internet, I learn how to cook.  I am going to try my hand at Chicago Deep Dish pizza, using Sav-A-Lot pizza crust mix.  Hmm.. 1/2 lb hamburger or less.. roma tomatoes.. mushroom.  I’ll wager I can make one $5 or less, and a GOOD pizza, that does not skimp.

I once told a prostitute, who wanted $20 for a date:  “I can buy FOUR chickens for that, and have baked chicken all week.”


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