The Abuse of Women

Being of the male gender myself,  well.. I am always worried about women..”screwing me over.”  Ripping me off, etc.  Even harming me!  Men, in general, are always worried about it.

Bambi comes up and does my kitchen, her work, how she helps me it is priceless!  They do many other tasks, not to mention bearing a man into this world.

The mother gives you your body.  Still people treat them like shit!  Just basic courtesy.  Such as.. NOT BEATING THEM IN THE HEAD.   Women, even treat other women like crap!  Gossiping, undermining them, putting them down, etc.

I’ve heard them gossip as I sat in the Missouri State Employment office.. “my husband shot me.”

No, women are not always nice.  They’re not nice at all.  But don’t injure them!  Just walk away from them.

In general, I think women get the worst of it, including these street girls out here.   Many of the street women are like starving cats.  Do I pick them up and help them?  NO, not usually.  They can, and will, bite your hand.  They are always in trouble, and have trouble following them.   They are wearing raggedy,  filthy clothes they got from the thrifty store.  Some of them are addled with drugs or drink, and all of them have mental issues,  some of them severe.

However, some have really helped me out!

I praise God for that sweet Bambi!   I like her the best, better than any sexy woman from Playboy,  at least for right now.


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