There is a bedbug epidemic in this area, and even in swanky hotels in the USA.  I started studying Sulfur, which is the earliest known scabicide, miticide.  The Romans used sulfur for mites, lice, and other vermin.  So I tried out some Sulfur soap.  Abbarotes Mi Familia (on Independence Avenue and Gladstone, which is near Independence and Benton Blvd.) carries not only Sulfur soap, but Sulfur ointment,  the DeLaCruz 10% sulfur.

I tried Tea tree oil, other essential oils such as Eucalyptus.  Bathed in it, smeared it on me.  Didn’t work.

So, I decided to try the Sulfur products out.  Sulfur is not to be confused with SULFA, which is an antibiotic.

Three days- no bites.  When the bedbugs bite, they bite the DICKENS out of you! bugbites for blog  I was getting 5-8 bites at a time.

On further study in the forums, I learned that Sulfur is burned in greenhouses, and used to be burned in Human dwellings.  This produces Sulfur dioxide, which is very toxic, so they don’t do it anymore.

You can buy the refined sulfur, called Sublimed Sulfur, on Ebay and it is very cheap.  The soap at Abbortes Mi Familia was quite cheap,  It’s about $3 dollars,  I think.  It is 10%, which is very strong Sulfur soap.

Actually, you can buy Sulfur in 25lb bags if you want, for under $20.  I guess they might sell it at the Farm and Fleet type stores, like Feldman’s.

Sulfur also mixes well with creams, so you can easily make your own lotions.  It dries out the skin,   it made mine itch, but I just put some lotion on.  it is said to be very effective for Acne and other skin ailments.  Here is a post on a forum from a guy who makes his own lotion/cream with it.

In the tropics people take sulfur tablets, and dust their ankles down for chiggers and Mosquitos, and the forums say it works well.  This article says it is effective for bedbugs.

I am going to try more of the other types of Sulfur.  Bought some of the DeLaCruz Ointment at Abbarotes Mi Familia.  I love that little store.  This is experimental.  So far, so good.

Update: Day 4 no bites.  Scrubbed well with the Sulfur soap.  Applied Sulfur ointment.

Day 5 No bites.  When I get my Sulfur powder, I am going to make a sock duster and dust my bedding and clothes with it.

Day 6 No bites.  Remember- this is my personal experiment.  I’m not a doctor, nor expert on medicines. 

Day 7 got bit once on the hip.  (drat).

Day 8 no bites.

Day 9 no bites.  Got sulfur powder from Ebay.  Put a tablespoon in bath water.  Made cream 1-1 Sulfur powder and cream.  Spread it on me. For next night.

Day 10-11 I got bit on the wrist, a unusual place for them to bite.   Bedbugs like to bite in the same area, and in a row, as in the picture.

Day 12 No bites.   Got some MSM Sulfur tabs off of ebay.  Took 500mg for a starter dose (this is a small dose).  It is said to be good for other parts of the body,  and has a very low toxicity.    In fact,  I cannot find the upper threshold online where it can have a toxic effect.

Day 13-14 No bites.

Day 15-16 No bites.

Day 17-23 No bites.  Taking Sulfur 500mg tabs..sometimes twice daily.  Soon- I will stop taking them, and only take them once a week.

Day 23-37 No bites.  I take the Sulfur less often now.  My injured shoulder feels better too.  I had my right shoulder almost completely rebuilt at the V.A. hospital.


2 thoughts on “Sulfur

  1. Hey I just want to say I learn a lot from your blog. Keep it up! Hope the streetcar goes to the north east so more people can experience places like Abbortes Mi Familia.


  2. Thanks Bryan. Sometimes, I want to delete my blog because it’s just..not about anything, but whatever is in front of me at the moment. I love to write, though,. If it is any use to someone, then I am pleased.


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