Caldo De Res “Americano”

caldo de res bowlI tried my hand at Caldo de Res this evening.  Abbarotes Mi Familia had the essential Beef Shank on sale for $1.99.

This result was not the “True” Mexican Caldo de res, but more like “Caldo de Res Americano”.  Like Oxtail soup, but it was very good.  I used both tomato sauce (small can) and 28 Oz can of Diced tomatoes.   Braised 2lbs  beef shanks,  with some garlic cloves, and then put it in the stock pot with about 4 cups of water and lots of beef bouillon.  I put the Tomato sauce and tomatoes in at the start, also.   I added about 4 cubes total by the time I was done.

I added cumin, and 1 cube of Onion bouillon, because this household does not like onions.  I also hit it with some cumin.  Salt and pepper of course.  Boiled it for about an hour, at a sort of low boil to soften the beef shank.. then.

I added 4 potatoes, 3 carrots, and enough water to cover.  Simmered it for an hour then…

Added 6 thawed frozen corn on the cobs,  2 stalks celery.   Boiled, then simmered for about 15 minutes..and Voila!  Tastes good. I love the hearty taste of the tomatoes, it gives it that body.  The beef shanks are great.  Next time I will put 3lbs in there.  It has lots of beef chunks in it now, however.  I had never used the Onion Bouillon, and was pleasantly surprised.   We are peculiar in that, we like the added flavor, just not the onion, and not too much.

I am very pleased with the outcome.  The Caldo will only get better with time.  This recipe makes a HUGE pot.  It is hearty enough for a meal, with bread and butter mm mm mmm.

The next bowl I will hit with some cilantro and a squeeze of lime.  Slightly too much bouillon, but it is still very good.  Beats Campbells hands down.

Update: After 2 days this stuff marinates and gets even better.  It is very good!  This recipe makes a LOT of soup.  Far better better than the best store bought soups.


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