Urban Medical Center

Pablo gets out of the hospital.  Now he is back running his Taqueria.  Man I love that dude.  I can’t even talk to him, but think he is great.  KC goes to the hospital to get pins in her shoulder.  Fred was in the hospital a LONG time with some sort of cardiac problem,  breathing problem.

The shit the poor people go through, no one ever sees.  During all this time, they are fighting to keep a spoonful of food to their mouth.  To keep the heat turned on, to keep the lights on.

No one ever sees this shit, NO ONE.  It is not on TV, it is not in the newspaper, except for the most cursory couple of lines in the newspaper.

Much of it IS self inflicted, but it is shocking just the same.  Many are drug addicts, and it is a sickness, it really is..like this sad sickness.  The drugs seem to drop people’s defense shield, lulling them into a false sense of security.

Even people who did NOT use drugs have spectacular illnesses.  Man..what IS it?  It seems like everyone is sick.   They worked here, worked there, anyplace where they could get a crumb.   Life in the ‘States is a game of survival, just like anywhere else.

I see the struggles of brave people.  It ought to be on Pay Per View!  Instead, it is watching these dudes beat the crap out of one another on HBO.  Man who needs television?

Dave downstairs never found out what killed poor Margaret.  She wasn’t a doper or booze hound.  She had diabetes type II.  Went into a coma once, then the next go round killed her.  I guess it was the diabetes, but I did not think hers was that severe.

How I want to get away from here!  I study about places I might live all the time.

BUT it is quiet out tonight.  Thank God for that.  Thank GOD..


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