Abbarotes Mi Familia fights back

This place is right across the street.  When they changed over Apple Market, well I thought it was THE END for the little store.  It is convenient, I always get my milk there and coke too,  even though Coke it is more expensive.

Well.. they have sales there and the deals are REALLY good.   I bought three pounds of raw, head on, shrimp at $3.99 a pound.  They had marinated boneless, thin sliced chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound they were very good.,   The marinade just adds flavor, it is NOT like..”mexican” marinade, it just adds flavor.  I put bbq sauce on one batch.  So you can make lots of different flavors of chicken breast with these.    The avocados are 69 cents each.  They had Oreo-clone cookies there, 2 packages for $1 and that is a screamin’ deal.  I’ve never seen them so cheap anywhere, and they were just as good as Oreos.

Their milk used to be the cheapest.  It is pretty cheap now, at $3.79 a gallon.  I love the little store.  Hmm maybe Aldi is cheaper.

They often just give away stuff that is about to expire.  I’ve gotten gallons of Milk, Mayonnaise, and other stuff FREE.  Yup.  It isn’t my “stock up” store.  Aldi and Sav A Lot are my stock ups.

In addition, Abbarotes Mi Familia has many sensible Mexican soaps and medicines.  Today I found Sulfur soap there.  Good price, and good 10% strenth.  Cheaper and better than at Walgreens.  I bought some at Walgreens and the clerks took 15 minutes to find it on the shelves.


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