Dr. Jeffrey Thompson Gamma Meditation

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a researcher interested in Brainwave meditations.  These are used with headphones.  Generally, one sound in one ear, and another frequency in the other ear.

These meditations help me a lot when I am stressed.   They’re great, actually.


I laid down.. I thought I was about to have an event today.. as in a stroke, or heart attack.. I felt so bad.  It is one of those times where you are debating going to the Hospital.

I put “Kelly Howell Mountain Retreat” on my MP3 player and put on the headphones..these really, really work.  You really have to let your mind go.. these guided meditations are like prayers..and they feel very good.

These are different.  They use a binaural beat, different frequencies in each ear.  They are MUCH better than the standard mediations.


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