Those Mexicanos sure know how to cook

The special today at Fleur de Chiapas- $1 tacos.  Mm..mmm MM!  I get a side of beans, and am a little broke so he gives me a price break on ’em.  I LOVE their beans.  The thing is, I am pretty sure, he just makes ’em from a can and mashes them up, but they are very tasty.   It was just over $3 for 2 tacos y frijoles.  YUMMY.  It is there Tuesday special.  I do now know if tacos and beans are any good for you, but they stick to my ribs really nice.  Yo Gusto.. Yo GUSTO!

KC is sick and faints all that time.  That son of a bitch who beat her up is in jail.  He also beat the crap out of a couple of other women.  Amy was one of them,  Another was  Christine McDonald who wrote “Cry Purple”.

After over a decade of being a piece of shit,  he might be gone for good.

I promise to take her for some ice cream.  KC literally has to run out of the apartments because predators (other women) will beat her up for her cigarettes.  I have seen this happen.

As KC gets weak, she can’t run to get away anymore.   She has spells from her Lupus.. then gets a little better.

It’s called HAMMER THE POOR.  HAMMER THEM INTO THE GROUND!  Even the poor hate the poor.  The cops hate the poor.  The rich hate the poor.  Let us stomp them.. make targets out of them.. starve them.


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