Pelicula de Horror

The funny thing is.. I want to retire overseas, even on a meager amount, to escape the constant violence in the USA.  At the McDonalds I pick up SK.  Big Macs are on sale, and for this bribe she’ll do the dishes for me LOL.

BUT.. now, SK she is talking about Cathy Gibbs, her best friend down in Porter,Texas, whose own son shot her and her husband. 

Yep he kills his own parents..and it is shocking, ate least, more shocking than I am usually shocked.

These people weren’t dopers, drunks, or screw ups,  at least not like the ones around here.  She worked in a hospice, and volunteered her time with dying patients. The kid just went off the fuckin deep end.

Only two years ago, the kid was a hero, when he rescued a pilot from the remains of a crashed plane near his home.

This happened last Tuesday.  Nope I dont know ’em.   You are so used to hearing it around here, it’s like a broken record.  You are numb, and don’t have much real sympathy, just a sort of shock.  That’s it.   Like you have been shocked too many times.

Life, it is like one shocking event after the other.

They are working on the pipes.  The water is shut off, so we go for some cigarettes, and the cops are out front with the crazy lady and the old guy,  Harris, next door.  I do not even want to ask what happened.  He’s got the cops over there every week, but I suppose it is normal, the man is so frail.   It is my guess that he has dementia, or some other sort of mental condition associated with old age.

The other problem that I see people face are bad enough, but then, there is the crime on top of that.  WHY are people so nuts here?  There’s food to go around.  Water too.


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