Colombia is dangerous? The USA is dangerous

I go get some chicken drumsticks at Abbarotes Mi Familia.  They are all bilingual, but they are from all parts of the world, including right here.  Latinos who were born here.  One woman is from Bucamaranga, Colombia.

She at first lived in New Orleans, supposedly one of the worst spots in the USA.  She says..“she is more afraid of right here, this street, than anywhere she has lived.”  She hears the gunshots at night, helicopters overhead.

There are vagos wandering around all night around here.  Once in a while, meth heads come around that are muttering, so tweaked up that they can’t get their words straight.  That shit makes them hallucinate, too.

Then, inside the buildings, inside the apartments, are thugs.  Crime knows no class, ethnicity, or geographic location.

I do not even know why I write this blog.  I just like to write.  Don’t make me any money!  Perhaps I will start a different blog.  Even though it is just writing, it takes energy and time.


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