Sandy’s Car Locks up

Now Sandy’s car locks up.  Welp- that thing is history.  A Toyota nonetheless.  People are stupid in the USA, and would not last in many other countries.  She kept overheating it.. THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO on a motor vehicle.   They put in a new radiator, but the damage was done.

Her option now is to sell it to the junkman for $300-$400.  People get this all the time around here.. THE STRAW THAT BREAKS THE CAMEL’S BACK.

I study overseas countries to retire to, or at least, visit for a long time.

People depend upon cars.  Car ownership is a prerequisite to survival in the USA.  The BUS system is for shit.  Taxis are extremely expensive, and very unreliable.  You don’t have a car you are out of fuckin’ luck Sonny!

I am dissatisfied as I compare the USA to other places, for someone in my situation.  Many places you do not need a car.  A bicycle would do fine, or a scooter, or NONE as in Bangkok, Thailand, and many other places.

I loved the service at the Dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico.  Fidel Valdez is his name.  The biggest “rip off” was back in the ‘States when my return ticket cost me a fortune.  I should have booked round trip.  Also,  my credit card got hacked on the verge of my departure.  I booked through CheapOAir and I am highly suspicious of them now.    I couldn’t use a credit card to book the return flight, so it cost me 3X what the trip down there cost me.

Rip offs?  There are more rip offs in the USA than I experienced in Mexico.


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