We’re just waiting for the Hammer to Fall

Sandy downstairs is crying ‘cos her radiator cost her $137.  John’s car is up here.. he is struggling to get the burnt wiring replaced.  My niece just got out of KU Medical Center, nearly lost her damn leg!  She was in there a long time, about 2 weeks.

I know.. people think I MAKE this shit up, but it is reality around here.

KC’S arm came out of the socket.  She was injured when her ass hole boyfriend threw her against some French doors.  It just pops out of the socket all of the time.  He is in jail now.. FINALLY.  And it is not down to HER.  She can NOT drop the charges like he always gets her to.

How does he get her to drop the charges?  Because he will GET OUT.. and then God help her if she grassed on him.    That’s how these FUCK HEADS around here operate.  Well …she cannot drop the charges this time!

Anyway, she said it didn’t hurt when it popped out, but it hurt like crazy when they popped it back in.  I took a picture of it.. maybe I will post it.  It screwed up something in her shoulder joint.

Mexico is unsafe?  The USA is unsafe.

Bums? First they ask for a cigarette, then some money.  ALL over the place.  Right outside these apartments, hell they are living in these apartments.

Like that one cop told me, “ALL of Northeast, and all of the bottoms, are nothin’ but thieves.”


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