We don’t waste no time at all..

We don’t waste no time at all, we’re just waiting for the hammer to fall.  John’s truck catches fire down at O’Reilly’s.  He STILL wants to try to fix it, waiting on someone to tow him tomorrow.  It’s all he’s got.

I talk to my sister, who nearly died last year.  She was on a ventilator most of the winter.  She was in the ICU for 37 days.

I do not know what Dwayne will do after he got his car stolen.  Like ants, people slowly recover from such setbacks.    Often, the damage is permanent, like when Fred and Bambi got their car stolen.

In this squabbling tenement, everyone is informing and bitching,  on everyone else.   The neighbor still has my tools, like a fool I lent them out.  Yep.  YOU CAN’T HELP PEOPLE.   No good deed goes unpunished around here.

Meanwhile, my sister’s neighbor is making her some Sour Cream pork chops.  The neighbor’s  son, Joey has had 32 surgeries by age 9.  That is how old he is, I think.  He is in a wheelchair.  They live out in the suburbs- awash in medical bills.

John gets his Ford F150 up here, he will not give up on that thing as he tries to replace all the burnt wiring.

Craig-O: He puts his surgery off again and again, and I do not know WHAT to tell him.. I do not know what I can say!   I’d be scared too!

But my REAL concern.. is the plight of poor Miley Cyrus what a talent.  Can’t afford to lose her!  %^&#@!


One thought on “We don’t waste no time at all..

  1. Sour cream chops where great!!! I’m doing a lot better this year and jumpin around like a Junebug. 🙂 My brother David was a Godsend while I was in the hospital, he got me pudding, rubbed my feet and legs and even held my hand while they took my blood. My brother Matt also cane to see me a lot and rubbed my legs, brushed my hair, brought me 7up and books to read. I love my brothers so very much!! They are the absolute best you can get.


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